Monday, March 15, 2010


First and Foremost I think I can speak for myself and Kate when I say Thank you for visiting our site and welcome. We hope to get to know each and every one of you. As it says to the right The Classic Film & Culture Society is a network of Blogs and Websites dedicated to Classic Film & Culture. We are also a community site for all lovers of the above mentioned to come and share their passion on our forums.

That is the CFCS in a nutshell but seeing as how this is our welcome post allow me to dive deeper into what exactly we are and some of our motives. Now Classic Films, the first part of the Society that is pretty self explanatory. Most people qualify a classic film to be made between 1900s – 1960s that’s also how we choose to define it as well, Silent era through the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The second half though Culture, now that could be a lot of different things. So if you will allow me to further explain. By Culture we mean what most classic movie blog associations exclude from their members. We mean 1900s – 1960s Fashion, Home D├ęcor, Advertisements, Public Figures, Socialites, etc. Opening the door we hope to a lot of great blogs to join. Not only providing you the best bloggers but all so the most diverse on the internet.

We want to be your one stop shop for Classic Film & Culture content. Yet we don’t only want to read your blogs and websites, no we want to get to know you! The Classic community needs a place where we can all get to know one another and discuss our favorite things. That’s why we created the Classic Film & Culture Society forums. No you don’t have to have a site or blog to join! It was made for EVERY Classic Film & Culture fan to enjoy.

So in closing thank you for visiting! We sincerely hope to see your application pass by our eyes and most definitely want to see you in our forums!


Matthew & Kate

Founders of CFCS

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